What are the wonders of massage? What are the benefits to the body?


Massage is a series of movements using the skills of hands and fingers on our skin and muscle tissues in contact, and through these movements we can achieve a certain state of relaxation in our own body and mind, and this method is called massage therapy.

The need for traditional healthcare may seem good,outcall massage services but it actually has many drawbacks. Many of your colleagues or friends around you, when you are tired, think of relaxing through massage. But don't you know some of the misconceptions about massage? Now let's see what are the misconceptions about massage. Who in our life is not suitable for massage? Today, let us understand this way of health "massage".

What are the misconceptions about massage?

Tui na massage is a thing we can let a person is very relaxed, but because of the work here face of the educational misunderstanding you understand?

1. massage is not really useful for back pain, massage is not really good?

Nowadays, the pace of life is getting faster and faster,erotic massage hong kong and the pressure of life has increased a lot. Long time face computer work, very easy to cause muscle fatigue. Over time, it may also cause small-scale joint subluxation of the lumbar spine, and in severe cases, it may also cause lumbar pain, dizziness and other symptoms.

2. three to five minutes of massage can really cure back pain?

Nowadays, massage parlors basically charge by the hour. Most consumers will be pulled left and right by the massage therapist when they enter the store. If they don't know, they really think that the master here has a good and unique technique.

Experts believe that massage first do warm up, customers come up to the regular massage therapist is unlikely to do manipulation reset.

The benefits and efficacy of massage

1. Accelerate metabolism

Massage can effectively regulate the blood circulation in our body. Most people know that the increased blood circulation in our body can secrete all kinds of toxins in the body, which can well promote the body's metabolism.

2. Improve our sleep quality

Due to the increasing pressure of life nowadays, our spirit is in a state of high tension for a long time, which leads us to insomnia and dreaminess. In order to improve our sleep quality, foot bath and foot massage has become a very good choice in our life.

In the fast pace of life now, we can analyze a variety of ways to protect our body at the same time, massage words must be carried out after weighing the pros and cons, we decide whether it is suitable for massage, massage can be based on the momentary pleasure, but because if there is no long-term fatigue, it is necessary to formulate the provision of a choice of appropriate development of their own conditioning program.

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