What is the main thing a salon does for skin care? Is it really effective?

What is the main thing a salon does for skin care? Is it really effective?

Women carry out one to twenty-five years of age skin tissue state began to develop downhill, aging, sagging, without an elasticity, wrinkles and spots a series of social problems are coming. In the past, we were full of collagen binding protein, but after twenty-five years of age can be a little less attention to the dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles appeared in the coming.

Often with the most conducive to the skin tolerance of the frequency to do the most suitable for their skin beauty program, in fact, for tight, anti-aging is very meaningful, after all, the skin is in need of maintenance, and vice versa.

Who doesn't want good skin? This is the reason why many people go to the beauty salon.

The average person goes into a beauty salon to do a full set of skin for care, in fact, one of the main social studies is to pamper students our skin by massaging and doing face masks, under the massage of the salon's instruments.

The role of massage is to promote blood circulation in the face, strengthen the metabolism, regulate sebum secretion, maintain the normal thickness and elasticity of the fat layer, so that the skin is soft, clean, moisturized, eliminating the moisture deposited under the skin, slowing down the emergence of wrinkles and refreshing.

At the end of the massage, the whole face is energized. At this point, the mask is selected according to the nature of the skin, so that the skin receives nutrients directly from the mask.

A treatment at a beauty salon can make the skin moisturized, smooth, delicate, rosy and more radiant. But going to a beauty salon for skin care costs at least $100 or more a time, and the price is even higher if the treatment is done with instruments, which is also hard for the average person to afford for every time they need skin care.

No need to apply the mask, enjoy the salon skincare experience at home.

Roller ball press, no film design a rotary introduction, say goodbye to the trouble, Mioggi Facial enjoy at will, no longer need to worry about mask liquid dripping and waste, will drop through the plant as the extract penetrates into the skin, locking the moisture can be achieved by the enterprise long-lasting moisturizing effect effect, the introduction of skincare products to the extremely simplified work of efficient skincare era.

Comes with a red light micro vibration massager, bringing a new moisturizing program, say goodbye to the need for expensive beauty salon troubles, so we can also enjoy the beauty salon type of skincare at home, all-weather protection of the skin.

Red LED boosts collagen and elastin, activates cell activity, brightens skin tone, and effectively improves wrinkles and skin elasticity by promoting collagen formation and cell activation.

High-frequency micro-vibration massage stimulates repair and regeneration, improves relaxation and aging, penetrates deeply, accelerates blood circulation, stimulates the absorption of vitality at the base of the muscle, and promotes the absorption of the essence. At the same time, multi-dimensional firming of the skin, awakens the skin to anti-aging, cares for the skin from the inside out, and maintains the skin in the ultimate state at all times.

Of course skin care should also choose the right frequency according to their skin type, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. While taking care of your skin, you should cultivate a good diet and rest, and you can use foods that promote metabolism and care for your skin, such as honey, fresh vegetables and fruits.

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