Entrepreneurial small and micro business development How to choose a web hosting service?

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Entrepreneurial small and micro business development How to choose a web hosting service?

Whether you are a new person who has just joined the army of self-employed people, static website hosting or an "old store manager" who has many years of store experience on the national e-commerce platform, in order to improve personal or corporate awareness of the Internet and increase sales by operating an independent e-commerce website, you have to face such a problem: How do I choose a web hosting service that is suitable for me?

Before we get to the topic, let me help you analyze why you have the above questions.

The first reason: the first thing that bothers you is cost and price.

At present, there are many domestic website service providers, and the service price is dizzying, ranging from a few hundred yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan. Of course, these price plans include cloud servers, virtual space, bandwidth and other basic elements of web hosting services. saas hosting Small and micro enterprises in the early stage of entrepreneurship are generally unlikely to spend money mainly on cloud servers and website construction, and the promotion and operation of the website after the construction is the focus of your attention.

1. Domain name: 55 yuan. Ali Cloud ten thousand domain name system registration enterprises or through Tencent Cloud new network are our market price. If your website's target and audience are foreign customers, you can also choose to learn a foreign domain name registrar to register a domain name. Remember that some foreign domain names can be used directly as long as they are taken down and paid (the domain name directly affects the resolution to the cloud server IP of the website). The domestic domain name first is to not complete real-name authentication in the domain name service provider, but also required to submit to the local provincial information industry Department for teaching record, complete the social work procedure, hello need students to wait at least 7-20 days.

2. Cloud server: Domestic BAT three cloud servers are good, the price from entry-level hundreds of yuan a year to thousands of shared virtual hosts, enterprise cloud servers have tens of thousands of units. However, here I recommend that you do not blindly choose a cloud server on the price. The low price means that your server will be severely limited in terms of storage, performance, and bandwidth scalability, both in terms of security and performance. Recommended configuration: at least 2 vcpus, 4 core memory, 40-100gb hard disk (common hard disk and SSD hard disk optional), the price of this configuration is about 230 yuan per month, and the annual purchase can be cheap to more than 500 yuan. If you just want to start a business or personal blog, you can choose Alibaba's "Cloud for All" and Tencent's "Cloud for Small Businesses" because these two pricing schemes are the most cost-effective you can find on price alone.

3. Website: It's real. From the design level, website framework construction, operating environment, the cost of the website is really different. My experience and advice tell me, do not choose the domestic so-called open source website system. From the function of the website, security, expansion performance, the so-called open source website is the most unreliable, the later will consume you too much time and energy. Either put money into it honestly, find a reliable website design company, and design according to your own needs; Or build your own website directly with the WordPress framework. Keep your budget between 5,000 and 15,000. If it goes beyond that, it's a waste of resources. If you don't reach it, you have to calculate. You are not on your way to changing your website design, but to buying a new website service. If you feel that the products of other website design service providers are not comprehensive and the communication is not smooth, then you can choose our one-stop WordPress professional website building service.

The second reason: no matter whether the technical operation is convenient, the online customer service has no peace of mind.

Domestic cloud server providers are nothing more than BAT plus Huawei Cloud, Jinshan Cloud, Telecom Tianyi Cloud. I have used and experienced almost all of these service providers' cloud servers. In terms of management operations, Ali Cloud and Tencent Cloud are more intuitive and simple. I still prefer to let everyone choose Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud's IAAS, PAAS, and SaaS are all based on the original Tianfei Cloud system. This other cloud computing system based on a stack is different, very different.

If your website is for overseas customers, domain name service personnel can choose to learn foreign domain name registrars (the biggest advantage is that the domain name website can be used directly without filing). This will be of great benefit to promoting the use of websites with Google AdSense in the future. If you feel that your own operation to provide a national English website construction is a little challenging for students, then you can also give these troubles to guide us, we need a professional team to give you a different experience in the process of cloud data application.

In short, small and micro enterprises in the choice of web hosting services at the same time, but also in the process of constantly evolving and optimizing their own products and services, I hope these suggestions can solve your problems to provide some useful reference.

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