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With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to health care, SPA as a kind of leisure activities, has been welcomed by many women who love beauty. Now various types of SPA, Thai SPA, Indian SPA, Mediterranean SPA, Hawaiian SPA, a wide range.hotel outcall massage Although there are many benefits of doing SPA, but after all, SPA is a "foreign product", there are some misunderstandings. Today, we will look at the SPA in these misunderstandings.

Myth 1 SPA and massage we do not make a difference!

SPA is a kind of relaxation experience, is a kind of comfortable enjoyment. The massage therapist will adjust the intensity according to your needs, and there will be no obvious pain. When doing SPA, your brain is in a half-sleep state, the only thing you need to focus on is yourself.

Myth 2: SPA on an empty stomach or just after eating.

Spa treatments are not for people on an empty stomach or after a meal. It is better not to eat anything within one hour before SPA, you can eat some fruits and drink some water. In addition, it is best not to do anything too strenuous or stimulating after the spa, but to do some soothing activities and have a good rest so that the effect of the spa stays in the body for a longer period of time. You can eat something after SPA or massage.

Myth 3: SPA is suitable for everyone

Since people's physique, character and temperament are very different, SPA should be done differently from person to person. For example, impetuous, active, competitive people think that if we go to do an energy-type (Energy) SPA, may be counterproductive; and do not think of progress, easy to produce burnout problem of people can go to do their own relaxation-type (Relax) SPA, may be the development will only learn to be even more burned out.nuru massage hong kong The choice of essential oils is very important when doing SPA here, and generally the SPA store will recommend some suitable oils according to the student's personal information and situation.

Myth 4: Doing spa on cell phone is too boring

Many people don't want to waste their time in the spa and keep chatting on their cell phones. However, taking the opportunity to affect the process of spa, because all kinds of worldly worries may disturb you at any time. So, leave the distractions behind and enjoy the SPA wholeheartedly. Don't think about other things or think too much during the spa and massage to get real stress relief.

Myth 5: Anyone can do SPA

Not everyone is suitable or can do spa because there may be some side effects of doing spa. For example, people whose skin is sensitive to heat may experience rashes and itching; unhygienic environment may lead to infections; and the violent impact of water flow may cause injuries. So it is suggested that the following kinds of people are not suitable for SPA: people with arrhythmia, sensitive people, people with diabetes or hypoglycemia, people with poor blood pressure control, and people with postural hypotension.

Myth 6: The effect of SPA can maintain itself for a long time

The SPA experience is simply a process of relaxing the body. Generally speaking, the essential oils or treatment products used in SPA can be absorbed by the body's skin for about 8 hours. In order to make the effects of body treatments last longer, they need to be adhered to on a regular basis. If there is a weight loss effect from the spa, it is best to stick to a course of treatment. In addition, use the process at home with the treatment products.

Myth 7: SPA is just a petal bath.

When it comes to SPA, most people's first thought may be to take a petal bath. However, if it were as simple as a bath, then a "spa" would be too expensive and cumbersome. The so-called "petal bath" is actually a spa bath. Putting some essential oils in the bathtub and warming the water on your shoulders will increase your metabolism and blood circulation. It is suitable for body toning, eliminating fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, fever, blood pressure problems, improving metabolism, weight loss and so on.

Myth 8:You can only go to a beauty salon to experience SPA.

Many Chinese female consumers believe that enterprises can only go to the beauty salon to do SPA. if it is in the SPA just prevailing period of time that period of history, it is indeed a such. However, today's SPA has changed a lot. The current SPA can be developed into 6 categories: resort SPA, functional SPA, club SPA, hotel SPA, daily SPA, and home SPA.

After understanding the above SPA misconceptions, we should be careful to avoid them when doing SPA in the future. There is still a lot of knowledge about SPA that we will share with you when it is done.

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