Hong Kong Visa, How much do I know about IANG Visa Frequently Asked Questions?


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I bring my family members to Hong Kong on an IANG visa?

Yes, IANG visa holders can bring a legal spouse and some unmarried children under 18 years old to live in Hong Kong, and for family members can also work in Hong Kong society.

2. Do you need a Hong Kong Identity Card to give birth in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has a "Born in Hong Kong" policy. Children born in Hong Kong to visa holders are entitled to Hong Kong status at application

3. If I renew my IANG visa and do not enter Hong Kong to activate it within the stipulated time, can I apply for it again?

The mode of renewal of IANG visa is 1+2+3+3. If the renewed IANG visa is not activated within the stipulated period of time, the applicant can apply for an extension of the period of entry for activation by writing an explanatory letter to the Hong Kong Immigration Department stating the reason(s) for the extension.china visa application hong kong

4. Does the IANG visa holder need to stay/live/work in Hong Kong all the time?

No. As long as you have not been absent from Hong Kong for more than 180 consecutive days, your Non-local Graduate Visa for Staying / Returning to Hong Kong for Employment Arrangement will not be canceled.investment visa hong kong

5. Can non-local graduates of Hong Kong schools who have returned to Hong Kong but have not found a job in Hong Kong apply for an IANG visa?

No. Non-local graduates from Hong Kong universities who wish to return to work in Hong Kong must be employed by a Hong Kong company before they can apply for a Non-local Graduate Employment Arrangement Visa (NGEA) to stay/return to Hong Kong. For example, if you wish to apply for a Non-local Graduate Visa for Staying in Hong Kong / Returning to Hong Kong for Employment Arrangement to come to work in Hong Kong, you have to find a job in a Hong Kong company before applying for a Non-local Graduate Visa for Staying in Hong Kong / Returning to Hong Kong for Employment Arrangement.

6. When can fresh non-local graduates apply for IANG visa?

Fresh non-local student graduates may apply for IANG on the basis of the graduation certificate issued by the institution to manage the business application before the graduation certificate has been issued. If we do not have the graduation certificate, the application for job arrangement for non-local graduates to stay in Hong Kong/return to Hong Kong will not be processed by ourselves.

7. Student visa is about to expire but the result is not yet announced, I am not sure whether I can graduate successfully, can I apply for IANG visa?

You may apply for extension of your student visa first. Non-local graduates who intend to apply for employment in Hong Kong under the Non-local Graduate Employment Arrangement (Nongovernmental Organizations) (Nongovernmental Organizations) but have not yet obtained their graduation certificates may apply for an extension of stay as students without the sponsorship of their institutions so that they can apply for a Nongovernmental Organization Arrangement (Nongovernmental Organizations) (IANG) visa after the release of their grades.

 Advantages of IANG Visa

1. Non-local graduates staying in Hong Kong/returning to Hong Kong for employment arrangement visa holders can stay in Hong Kong indefinitely within the validity period of the visa. Hong Kong residents use self-service immigration clearance, which is convenient for frequent travelers between the Mainland and Hong Kong

2. Students can apply for a one-year IANG visa within the visa period without approaching a Hong Kong company;

3. Fresh non-local university graduates to carry out after graduation unconditionally apply for IANG visa, even if we do not work in the Hong Kong, China, society, but also can directly hold the IANG visa to travel freely between Hong Kong and the Mainland, the longest people can stay until the expiration of the visa;

4. Non-local graduates who have stayed/returned to Hong Kong for employment arrangement visa holders may apply for permanent residence in Hong Kong if they have studied + worked and ordinarily resided in Hong Kong for a continuous period of seven years; and

5. IANG visas can be applied for an unlimited number of times. Even if graduates go back to the Mainland for development after graduation, IANG visa disconnected can return to work in Hong Kong again by applying for an IANG visa as long as there is a Hong Kong company employing them.

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