Choosing a watch is choosing life

Choosing a watch is choosing life

When you have a certain number of watches, it's like treating an old friend, each with a different experience and meaning, and then choosing the watch you want to talk to and wear on your hand in the right mood.

Watches are enriched by needs

Before the problem of wristwatches, we must all be well aware that after the clock and pocket watch, the two teaching process, in fact, we are the business is getting smaller and smaller pieces, and then carry out the category is also more and more with the richness. Pocket watch period, there are small travel clocks, there are complex multi-function pocket watch, there is a very beautiful enamel pocket watch, the emergence of these watch categories, corresponding to the change of lifestyle and learning, born of the different needs of the watch. TUDOR 1926 M91351-0002 is also very interesting here is an important thing is that the clock most students because of their large size, can not be used at will to move, and when the train, automobile technology was invented, the mobility of society's risk has risen dramatically, for the demand for work time, but also from relatively fixed access to the time, into anytime and anywhere you want to really master, so in order to be able to easily carry the clock because of China's social practice activity of the As a result, clocks and watches, which were designed to be portable, developed more rapidly as a result of the increasing frequency of social practices in China. When the pocket watch reached its peak in the 18th century and especially in the 19th century, the aristocracy wanted to realize the difference between their own objects and those used by ordinary people, and to reflect the national authority and the aristocratic temperament, therefore, the large complex pocket watches, jewelry pocket watches, and high-level production process pocket watches were born in a large number of data. This corresponds to the economic and cultural common sense of such a region, and the demand is constantly born as well as the market.

Traveling clocks

In the 20th century, clocks were made to the point where they could be refined, wars broke out, and in a way, pocket watches were not as good as they used to be, but timekeeping was still a bit of a hassle, so the ability to wear the watch directly on the wrist had become a trend towards the miniaturization of timepieces. From the beginning of the 20th century until the 1970s, the function of clocks was in competition, and as a new type of watch, there were many issues to be solved, such as waterproofing, shockproofing, power supply issues, and how to better realize the function. As a result, there weren't many truly complicated watches in those decades, as a wave of art and design swept in and there were quite a few art deco watches. Such as pendant watches, ring watches, wristwatches, flip watches, and gold coin watches.

After the upgrading and exploration of large complicated mechanical watches after the 80's, nowadays, advanced complicated watches are not so rare. At the same time, with the market getting bigger and bigger, the categories of watches have also become more abundant, basically every life scenario you can think of can be matched with a watch.

Classics need to be savored

Whether it's a clock, a pocket watch or a watch, the top products follow a constant law of value, which is the pursuit of a long history. This top doesn't mean the most expensive, but rather, from the very beginning, the desire to create a truly high-quality piece. This product tends to exude a sense of beauty from the inside out, insisting on handmade craftsmanship, detailing that meets high standards, and must be aesthetically superb. langhe history of fine pocket watches with diamond bearings, Patek Philippe escapement forks with dovetails, and some of the finest k-gold cogwheeled pocket watches are thought-provoking in their tradition, extravagance, and high class, even as many of the traditional methods of workmanship and materials Even many of the traditional processing methods and materials have been lost today, resulting in today's high technology no longer being able to produce some of the products of the time.

A classic is something that still shines through the baptism of time. It is often said that some watches are classic because they have preserved the beauty and traditions that have been used for centuries, such as the word "Breguet" and the Breguet hand, which have been recognized as a thing of beauty since Breguet's time and are still widely used today. The "Lotus" balance has been in use since the days of pocket watches, more than 100 years ago, and is still in use today without interruption. It is irreplaceable because of its power, but its beauty is a legacy.

So when you have the option of using a classic watch, even though you may not fully realize it, it epitomizes the kind of social life learning fun you want. Classic, because of its heritage and history, so the business often exists is not a glance through its mysteries, you need to constantly understand, in order to achieve the meaning of reading it. If you like to read the classics, then students must time will not be carried out simply look at the surface, whether it is on the clothes, shoes, belts, cuffs, paintings, music, cigars, wine, furniture, etc., behind the representation of a kind of cultural flavor and story, is able to attract your charm as well as where.

Casual wind is a cozy joke

In a modern society that is open enough, no one can simply set a role for a person. When you are in a business environment, you are a businessman. You can't go there in a sports undershirt. A date is a loving significant other, and it's not good to wear flip-flops into a Western restaurant. I remember seeing something interesting earlier, and it was about "appropriateness". The truth is that you need to be a decent human being on different occasions. However, in our lives, roles change so fast that you may have to go through several scenarios in a day, and you don't have the time to dress up. So, a style that will work for most occasions becomes our number one priority, and that is a comfortable casual style.

If you have something to say today, wear a small casual suit. It's chic, not serious, but relatively serious. If you're taking pictures today, then a jacket or jeans will do the trick. If you have an appointment to go fishing, then you can keep a t-shirt and a sport coat in the car. Out of the office, you're in an ever-changing scenario, and all of this will be a consideration when you're choosing a watch.

When you have multiple watches, function is not a selection criterion of which watch you want to wear today, but rather what do I want to do today and which watch suits me best. Of the limited edition watches I know, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 is a very versatile watch. While we all think of it as a sports watch, it's perfectly capable of handling business occasions, date occasions, and even bars. Of course, the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 is also very versatile.

Of course, watch friends have their own value proposition, does not affect the immaterial have to be a top luxury watch to have us such a bottom, Omega's Speedmaster, Universal's Daffy, Panerai, Breitling, etc., TUDOR Ranger M79950-0003are with a very need to outstanding daily pepsi type brand watches. Even if the Longines Conplatin, Tag Heuer Monaco and Carrera, Montblanc Timewalker, Tudor ranger are also very important worth making a choice.

Wear only recent favorites

I believe that many friends, will have such an experience, when you wear a watch for a long time, there will be some aesthetic fatigue, and then with the deepening of the wearer's awareness of the watch more and more knowledge, you will have a new desire to buy a new watch, we usually call it "infidelity". When you get your wish one day you will wear that TUDOR Ranger M79950-0002 for the rest of your life. The original watch is either sealed or it may be taken out. Again and again, the next time it's a "lover".

Some watches can't be worn every day

If you've bought a lot of watches, you'll know which ones are valuable and worth caring for, and those are often your favorites. Just like last year's classic Internet catchphrase "love to indulge, love to restrain", when you really appreciate the watch from the heart, you will restrain yourself from wearing it on your hand every day for fear of being scratched, and the ones that are with you every day are those that are durable and won't hurt if you hurt them.

To summarize: Although we spend a lot of time and energy on watches, what's really interesting is that different people have different lifestyles, different values, different knowledge structures, and in the end he makes every choice. Therefore, when you choose a watch, usually, it is part of life.

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