8 Super efficient quick computer skills to learn is to earn!

One-click lock screen

Everyone needs to use a computer. If you use quick operations, you can greatly increase your productivity. Here are 8 super efficient quick operation skills,convert scanned pdf to word text rtf online learn is earn! Let's make our computer operation twice as effective!

Permanently delete files

Usually delete data files, always by clicking the right mouse button to select [Delete], so that a file system will develop into the [Recycle Bin], but also need to empty the Recycle Bin from time to time, and can not be convenient.


Press Ctrl to select multiple files to be deleted. Then, click SHIFT + Delete, and the "Confirm Full Delete" dialog box will appear. Then, click OK.

One-click lock screen

When you're away from work, you don't have time to open Start-Power-Lock Screen.jpg to pdf converter and combine Press Windows+L to lock the screen with one click!

Quickly Create Folders

When organizing files, you need to create multiple folders. Instead of right-clicking on "New Folder", you can quickly create folders by pressing Ctrl Shift N.

Speech to text

You don't need to write minutes by hand when you're in a meeting. Press [Windows+H] to open the dictation tool, select the text field, and press the microphone icon to "write" what you hear.

If we want to transcribe the audio that China has begun recording into text, you can use the [Xunjie text-to-speech] software to transcribe the recording file into text, support data import multiple related file systems for economic batch conversion, conversion efficiency is super high, 2 hours of meeting recordings into text in just 5 minutes.

It recognizes many languages such as Cantonese,combine jpg to pdf converter Sichuan dialect and other dialects as well as English, Portuguese, Korean and other languages.

Find Files Quickly

There are so many files on the computer that it takes a lot of time to find them. We can press [Windows+E], type the file name in the search box and press [Enter].

Return to previous operation

If you accidentally delete or copy a file while working on your computer, press [ CTRL + z ] to return to the previous step, you will find the deleted file back to like-one.

Undoing a return operation

If you find that the file really needs to be deleted or copied after returning to the previous operation, you can press [ Ctrl + Y ] to cancel the return operation.

History Copy List

When copying pictures, text and other content, if we need to make too many copies, do not get a timely save on the next copy of the teaching content, so that you can directly paste only their own to see the latest copy of the content.


Press [ Windows + V ] to open the clipboard and view the history copy list so that you can paste the last copy to the desired location.

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