Switch to an organ tone, Wood Louvre, and make your suite face the triple jump

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Switch to an organ tone, Wood Louvre, and make your suite face the triple jump

Home in addition to paying attention to privacy, but also pay attention to lighting health, therefore, curtains will become an indispensable means of enhancing privacy and regulating light in home decoration. wooden blindHowever, in addition to the general curtain, organ curtain, wood shutter is also very popular, even higher than the freedom of the curtain, more changes, let's take a look!

Wooden blinds ≠ blinds, upgrading the texture.

When you hear the sound of shutters, do you think of office shutters? A big mistake! window blindsWooden shutters are made of solid wood chips. It feels thick and warm. They are different from ordinary metal and plastic sheets. Whether it is tactile or visual, they give a clean and elegant feeling ahead of time, but also to avoid curtain dust stumbling and card scale questions, is a good choice for the room.

Both dimming and privacy, but also increased security.

If the wooden shutter is installed in the window, it is like the indoor door system, and there are a variety of window types such as single opening, split opening, folding, pushing and pulling, etc., venetian blindyou can choose your own suitable form according to the different position of the window, personal living habits and preferences. In addition, the wooden shutter has a very flexible dimming control function, and can be used to move the leaves by hand, adjust the social Angle of the shelter, unlike the enterprise generally includes the curtain only close and open two ways to choose, and need to give up the rope, but also effectively prevent Chinese children from falling from the window, virtually improve the safety management of children in their homes.

Japanese gentle halo, beautiful transparent organ curtain

When the sun shines on the translucent organ curtains outside the window, giving off a soft glow that is warm but not harsh, the sight is absolutely breathtaking! If you have a vision for a morning like this, choosing a transparent organ curtain is best for you. Because the hollow structure of the organ curtain has a good insulation effect, even in a sunny room, it will not be turned into a large oven because of the sun.

Unique open, panoramic yet private.

Close the curtains for fear of being seen, even if you have a view? Organ curtains were originally designed for temperate regions with wide temperature differences, but are now popular in Taiwan. One of the main reasons is the unique design of organ curtains that can be opened. You can open the curtains and enjoy the beautiful view outside the window, but you can also enjoy privacy.

Double play organ curtain, shading, transparent concrete can be met at one time

Transparent organ curtain value is high, blackout organ curtain function is strong. If it's hard to choose, go for a double organ curtain! At the same time, it includes light transmission curtain and shading curtain, pushing up the shading and pulling down the shading can be changed at will, and the organ curtain can be completely pulled up when the window needs to be opened. And the honeycomb design greatly reduces the volume of the organ curtain, unlike the common horizontal curtain requires double rails to occupy space.

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What makes it a Venetian blind, exactly?

The first horizontal lat window blinds were created as we know them now in 1794. Because they were originally from Venice, Italy, they were given the moniker "Venetian blind." Venetian blinds took the place of or were used in lieu of cloth curtains or shutters.

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