I just received a Accepted from the Hong Kong Institute of Technology for this year's application season.


I just received a Accepted from the Hong Kong Institute of Technology for this year's application season. Let Me First share my application experience with you, and then share my learning experience with you

My idea of studying abroad has never been very firm. To be exact, I didn't make up my mind to study for a master's degree until senior three. Featured alumni Hong Kong It's stressful. I am busy with my graduation thesis, my defense and studying IELTS. In addition, some friends around me did very well in the postgraduate entrance examination in China at that time. I am very happy for them, and it also stimulated my decision to go to Hong Kong for postgraduate study. Only young people can have more time and energy to study and further their studies. So, what you want to do must be done as soon as possible!

And the basics. My undergraduate scores were not very high, especially in the highly competitive business major, with an average score of 3.28, IELTS 6.5(6) , AAA students and scholarships, as well as the exchange activities of various internship companies in Hong Kong. My Major is accounting, I want to go to the school is the Hong Kong Polytechnic University accounting department. Hong Kong Polytechnic's accounting is well-known in Hong Kong, accounting is mainly applied to undergraduate accounting students, this is further deepening in the undergraduate basic courses. After reading the course schedule, I am very satisfied with this major. Once I had identified my target university, I started looking for an institution.

Initially, I consulted many intermediaries and found that they used their own templates to handle documents in the same way. Later, I accidentally met wordsunny on Zhihu, and learned that its paperwork is excellent, and paperwork is the core of application. Also, my friend in the same school just registered for its service. After learning from her, I felt that I liked their one-stop service, and then I set up an intermediary. After signing the agency, he began to make all kinds of preparations non-stop.

I will collate and analyze my approximately study abroad time, and arrange it

I chose my document teacher in official website, which was very good, and I was free to choose my suitable document teacher-then we started to communicate and choose a specific professional study plan. Then I spent the whole July preparing for the IELTS test, got the results in early August and began to prepare the test paper. During the preparation period, I listened to the teacher's advice, found a job, maintained the continuity after graduation, and also had a bonus to give myself soft power! Counselors have been helping me monitor the opening hours of various schools. Daniel blew up the teacher here. Not only was the writing super-professionally tailored for me, but such documents enhanced me a lot, and I was particularly clear about what I wanted to do every time during the whole application process.

The teacher who was in charge of my one-stop study abroad also told me everything and gave me a lot of help. There was follow-up interview coaching, and Danyll's detailed one-on-one coaching, which took my answers directly to several levels and, in particular, deepened the logic of my answers. On December 17, you will attend an interview at ACA Baptist Church. The written test is a very simple 10-minute paper that tests your writing skills. He was then taken to a conference room for a face-to-face interview. What I want to say here is that because we went in early, our group went in with three people, usually four. After going in, I first sent you a short article, and then took turns to talk about the content of the two-minute article. This tests reading ability;

Finally, according to the questions in the resume, there are certain requirements for daily interview and oral expression ability. After the interview, I received an oral invitation. I have to say that Daniel gave me an interview guide, which covered almost all the questions he asked me in the interview, so I answered them well and the teacher guided me to praise them. About half a month later, I received a formal invitation from the Baptist Church. The accounting interview is February 12, 2020. The accounting interview was conducted on Skype. Before the interview, I asked Daniel to help me revise the written test and help me complete the interview.

I am more confident about this interview than before because I have been through it before. Ha Ha ha, that day 9:30 received a test questions, is the original question I found. Mr. Danyll did it for me, too. I copy, Paste, send! The video from polyu arrived at exactly 10 o'clock, and the whole interview was very enjoyable. I had gone through all the questions with Mr. Niu before, so I didn't think it was a big problem after the interview. Sure enough, at midnight on the 13th I was playing a game when I received an email from a science and engineering accountant at 2:14!

During the application management of Hong Kong schools this year, many of our classmates really hesitated and didn't even think about giving up. But for the whole teaching process, the teachers of wordsunny gave me a lot of encouragement and analyzed the pros and cons from my point of view. I really need to thank you! Finally, I applied to the school and major I always wanted to go to, and I can't do without the teacher's efforts! My application season in 2020 ended successfully!

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