Every home needs a simple and elegant Roman blinds

roman curtain

Roman blind is a common indoor sunshade products, compared to the roller blinds have a sense of hierarchy, recognizable, with a unique exotic flavor, and pull up the operation of the way to make it more space-saving, with a million flavors of it, is the best choice for high fashion and elegance.

The function of Roman curtain

1. Decorative

Roman curtains have many kinds, according to the different shapes, divided into folding, fan, wave, decorative effect is very rich, different roman shade can show a completely different feeling, can be natural and pure, can be warm and comfortable, can be elegant and gorgeous, can also be fashionable and romantic, spatial taste is expressed to the extreme.

2. Heat insulation

In addition to the decorative function, Roman blinds are also very practical. Thermal insulation roman blind can block the erosion of outdoor warm and cold air, the formation of a protective layer, regulating the indoor temperature, creating a comfortable environment for the interior, thus becoming a good home.

3. Dimming function

Roman blind curtain are also a small master of the atmosphere of the home space, you can adjust the range of light sources into the room, adjust the changes in indoor light and shadow, showing the level of beauty.

The application of Roman curtains

Roman curtains are short and delicate, more suitable for small windows and floating windows than large open flat curtains, especially suitable for hanging in the kitchen and bathroom.

If you want to apply in the home space with larger windows, like the living room or bedroom, you may want to try the combination of Roman blinds + flat curtains. The elegant temperament of Roman blinds combined with the floating romance of open curtains creates a kind of hazy beauty of the bright sunlight passing through the windows.

Roman curtains Match

Roman curtains Match is also very delicate, although shorter than ordinary fabric curtains, but also so that it does not take up a large space color. When its color is taken from the interior color and consistent with the overall warm and cold, it gives a natural, simple, unassuming sense of elegance.

To unify the non-monotonous visual effect, you can choose to use stripes, borders or dark lines of Roman curtains. Compared with other forms, the monochromatic dark pattern of Roman curtains looks direct and simple, but it can more accurately highlight the focus of the space.

You can also choose some patterned Roman shades to make the home space livelier and more vibrant. Roman shades with plants and flowers can make us experience a dreamy and cozy rustic style. The beautiful and fresh patterns can bring us a comfortable and pleasant mood.

Roman blinds, whether from the decorative or functional point of view, is a product that can be a good shade, but in the country is not common, consumers we should change this ideological concept of innovation awareness, curtains are not only only fabric curtains, there are is a lot of styles can be selected through the choice of indoor window treatments to diversified economic development.

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