It turns out that sponges, in addition to performing cleaning tasks, are also versatile in the cultural life of the home

spongeWhen we see a sponge, cellulose sponge manufacturerwe usually think of some common cleaning functions, such as washing dishes and wiping tables.

But it turns out that a small sponge has a huge space to play in home life!

In addition to the cleaning function, wholesale Konjac spongethe sponge has a lot of excellent performance in daily life, home life is changing the little expert, today we will take you to take a look at it.

Brush air conditioning grid

The exhaust hoods and air conditioners in your home always get dust and stains after a period of time, making it a pain to clean. natural luffa spongeBut a sponge is easier.

Simply make a cut on one side of the sponge that corresponds to a grid, and you'll be able to clean multiple grids more easily.

Sponge glue

Place the sponge in a plastic box and pour in the glue. Let the glue slowly soak the sponge. So the sponge glue, not only sticky, but also not afraid of children at home to spill glue on the floor, very practical Oh.

Sponge laundry detergent

Put a number of sponges neatly into the box, mix and stir water, laundry detergent and favorite essential oils, introduce into the box with sponges, cover and seal.

Once the sponges have absorbed the detergent, simply put one sponge in the washing machine with your clothes and you'll have clean, fragrant clothes with detergent! You can put it back in the box and use it again.

Sponge soap box

It's very convenient to cut a large sponge into the shape of a soap box to hold your soap. After you use the soap, you can sponge it off. After washing and wringing out the sponge does not leak. It's practical and doesn't waste soap.

Look! A small piece of sponge city have a so can be rich use, do not hurry to try?

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