The Magic sponge is an easy to use cleaning tool


The Magic sponge is an easy to use cleaning tool. cellulose sponge sheetIn dealing with some bad or can not be treated with a rag stains, especially need to show her strong cleaning ability, because basically only need water to remove stubborn stains, so that the cleaned things to achieve the effect of old and new. How, you may ask, does this work? Don't worry, here is a little makeup for you to answer.

First of all, we must start with the material and construction of the magic sponge.konjac body sponge The magic sponge is made of melamine foam foaming by a national nanomaterials science and information technology enterprise with advanced development and management in China, and its interior is a three-dimensional space network with open hole structure. By analyzing this economic and social organization structure, students can make the magic sponge dip in water and automatically control the adsorption of stains on important surfaces of the research target object during the wiping process. The Magic sponge wipe is a pure physical decontamination, safe and environmentally friendly.

Suitable for cleaning uneven surface and deep stubborn dirt,steel sponge easy to maintain, do not leave scratches, do not harm the surface of the object, easy to use, do not need chemical cleaning agent. Due to the internal open structure of the magic sponge, the stains on the adsorption can be discharged after pressing in water, and then can be reused, which is very convenient.

Because this amazing sponge is expendable, it wears off when you use it. So to properly control water, too dry more likely to lead to peeling eat.

Which brush works better?

In our daily life, silicone products can be used in many places. For example, we usually use bath brushes. In the eyes of many people, the silicone bath brush is just a material change to replace the sponge bath ball or iron bath ball, and the level of awareness of such products is relatively low. Today we will learn about the silicon bath brush of this product.

Silicone bath brush is made of environmentally friendly silicone material, non-toxic and tasteless, high temperature resistance 230℃, low temperature resistance -40℃, soft feel, skin friendly. Suitable for all skin types, sensitive muscles and children can be safely used.

We know that the air humidity in the bathroom environment is suitable, the temperature is suitable, and a large number of bacterial microorganisms are bred. Compared with other materials, the silicone bath brush is dry, and the physical properties of water are lacking, which greatly reduces the survival rate of bacteria.

Palm for the size of the back rub brush, with China's thousands of silicone brush, the length of the problem is different, scattered changes, 360 degrees clean every inch of your skin. It's like we can clean every inch of your skin 360 degrees.

Imagine going home and taking a shower after hard work. When the dense silicone bristles rub back and forth on your skin at the same time, your skin is like a SPA, so that your body fully relaxed fatigue immediately dissipated.

Silicone bath brush. When each silicone bristle comes into contact with your skin, it helps to remove skin mites and exfoliates, improves the oil balance of your back skin, makes your skin clean and refreshing, reduces skin tension, penetrates the skin, and repels away those mites that we can't see but are harming our skin! Massage during brushing helps to promote skin blood circulation, brighten skin tone, make skin crystal clear, delicate and rosy, and the effect is remarkable after two weeks of continuous use.

Silicone bath brush can not only clean the skin, massage the back, but also let the skin absorb more skin care nutrients, making it transparent and elastic.

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