Whether it is a single head or a double head, it is necessary to choose the curvature and hardness

Whether it is a single head or a double head, it is necessary to choose the curvature and hardness

Internal development

There are two states, single head or double head. Double-headed means there will be a branch on the outside taking care of the focus. rabbit vibrator A lot of girls bought a single head state did not feel. Remember! Internal synthesis is king!

Whether it is a single head or a double head, it is necessary to choose the curvature and hardness, wand vibratorso that the internal development in multiple directions.

Beginners should choose more sophisticated products. 3.5cm is too large and not friendly to novices.

(Not a picture here, for the sake of national security.)

Young novices, single and single, carefully selected (for example, the classic Swatch) have some sports experience with the recommended 3-3.5cm, curved reference Cici.

Third, internal and external linkage

The two-headed toy bang can work together inside and out.

Netizens asked, is to buy double head vibration, or absorption + vibration combination? It depends on your previous exploration. Do you prefer vibration or suction. If you have the money, I think you can come.

It is also good to buy sucking vibrating toys and single-head sticks.

Built-in a remote control jump dan, I think it is more fantasy use, maybe we can carry out some God, but the effect is very good few companies do not recommend students.

We often ask the seal of Internet celebrities, and can not achieve internal and external common, if the use of internal must also cooperate with external opportunities.

These days, the product publicity is too exaggerated, or personal test to know whether it is in line with basic human science. If you ask me whether xx products are good, I am not sure.

Kegel ball

Kegel ball is a product that trains the pelvic floor muscles and is very important for postpartum women.

It was originally a pure dumbbell, using the body weight to train the pelvic floor muscles. The product will come in different sizes and shapes, from the largest single ball, for example, to the smaller but heavier double ball. Train with the ball for a period of time every day, just like working out.

We have Master Kegel on the smart training ball, so we can train students not only by gravity, but also by measuring the pressure inside the company and playing games, which sold well in management jobs before. I went back and ran the tests.


This article is based on the combing of work experience, welcome brands to see and send me advertising fees... .

Because the toys are updated quickly, the article may mention that they will be removed from the shelves, and new products continue to be born.

In general, brands and products are good as long as they respect the principles of science, the human body and guarantee product quality and conditioner. I hope everyone can find their favorite toys, open more wonderful experience of the human body!

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