How to develop a website SEO plan and what are the steps?


You must have a clear understanding of the user's website. Enterprises must have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of user information websites, including the company website theme,google seo course singapore website development scale, website column settings, number of included websites, website weight and PR value, website keyword settings, website management optimization ranking analysis, etc. Etc., these issues must have such a clearer understanding, which is very important for us to formulate SEO website optimization research plans. In addition, you should also check the website and whether it can be in a penalized state. If the website is in a state of being penalized and demoted, then this influencing factor must also be included in the SEO website optimization plan.

Develop a website revision plan. If the layout structure and directory hierarchy of the user's site are not very reasonable,google seo optimization guide then a website redesign plan needs to be formulated. Considering that large-scale revisions may not be conducive to website optimization and reduce the sensitivity of website revisions to search engines, make daily, weekly and monthly website revision plans, first, which web pages, then which web pages, and finally which web pages need to be revised. Make a detailed plan to distinguish web pages based on priority and importance. The modification of the web page should be done step by step to ensure that the file name and directory path of the web page do not change, are reasonable and consistent with the modification. When formulating a website optimization plan, you should include all elements of the comprehensive optimization of the website, such as page titles, page keywords, page content and other subtle changes, including the distribution of keywords on the page, page link settings, image ALT attributes may be modified, etc.

Develop an original content update plan. Adding original content to the website is a necessary means to optimize the SEO website.seo agency singapore In fact, we cannot make too many modifications to the pages that have been included in the website, and can only make small-scale local modifications to avoid affecting the weight of the website due to overly large-scale changes. The increase in website weight mainly comes from the addition of new pages. Develop daily, weekly, and monthly original article writing plans, and reasonably allocate keywords in original articles. This kind of web page is what search engines like to crawl, so it should be collected quickly, which can increase the weight of the website in a short time. The frequency of adding web pages can be kept at 1-2 pages per day, not too many, and these should be formulated in the plan.

Develop a plan for building external links to the website. Website external links are an important source of website weight promotion. External links should be an important part of SEO website optimization for website construction plans. Develop a plan for how many effective links to build for the website every day, week, and month, including high-quality links and general links. A weekly website link exchange plan should also be included in the entire link building plan.

Develop a phased overall goal plan for website optimization ranking. The purpose of users' SEO website optimization is actually to improve the ranking of the website. Then we should formulate a phased plan for website optimization ranking based on user requirements to ultimately achieve the overall goal of website optimization. Considering the various uncertain factors of website optimization, this phased plan is also a rough plan and cannot be accurately reflected in the website optimization ranking at that time. The purpose of formulating this phased plan is to encourage optimizers to make greater efforts in website optimization and live up to the expectations of users.

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