Hong Kong Identity, torn between taking the meritocracy or the high-caliber? It would be better to combine the two to get the id

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The Hong Kong Highly Talented Persons Scheme can be launched after the launch of a wide range of research and discussion, some people at the same time are also eligible for the Hong Kong Talents and Highly Talented Persons Scheme, just as we are entangled:work visa application hong kong the choice of the Talents or Highly Talented Persons?

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government launched the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) on February 23, 2006 with the aim of attracting highly skilled and talented people from all walks of life to come and settle in Hong Kong, so as to enhance Hong Kong's competitiveness. The selection criteria also emphasize whether the applicants' achievements in their professional fields are necessary for the economic development of Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Highly Talented Persons Scheme, known as the Hong Kong Development of Highly Skilled Persons Passport Scheme, will be open for application in the global economy on December 28, 2022. It is a talent admission scheme launched by the HKSAR People's Government for the future of the world, aiming at attracting high-income earners and highly-educated high-end professionals from all over the world to Hong Kong to explore opportunities in Hong Kong. Applicants for the Hong Kong Talents Scheme do not need to be employed in the HKSAR at the time of submitting their applications.

In fact, it is perfectly feasible to apply for Hong Kong permanent resident status by combining both the Talents and the Highly Qualified Persons (HQP).

So, how to combine the Hong Kong Talents Scheme and the Highly Talented Persons Scheme?

1. If you plan to work in Hong Kong in the near future but have doubts about your future, you can first apply for the Hong Kong Talents Scheme. After obtaining Hong Kong status, you can go to Hong Kong to work. The renewal period of the Hong Kong Highly Selective Talent Pass is 2+3+3 years. The first 2-year visa has provided enough time, and you can consider switching to the Quality Migrant Program next.

2. If you do not intend to work in Hong Kong and are currently working mainly in the Mainland, you can first apply for the Hong Kong Talents and Professionals Scheme. The current program is 3 + 3 + 2 years and the first 3 years stay visa is very friendly. In the meantime, you will have plenty of time to plan for the extension of the Merit Education Award Scheme. Once the first renewal is successful, you can start planning your application for the Premium Talent Program before the second renewal. This will allow you to make a smooth transition to permanent residency over the next seven years. Of course, if you wish to obtain permanent resident status in Hong Kong, the Immigration Department will examine your ties with Hong Kong during these seven years, including living, working and doing business in Hong Kong.

Regardless of whether you apply for the Highly Talented Persons (HSP) or the Meritus Scheme first, you should understand that the Hong Kong Highly Talented Persons (HTP) Scheme can only be approved once! Therefore, if you are considering applying for the Highly Talented Persons Pass, you must plan well. Six months to a year before renewal, we start discussing the application process and the various stages with professionals to ensure a seamless transition and an easier and smoother road to seven-year Hong Kong permanent resident status.

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