How to choose my own sex toys?


How to choose my own sex toys?

With the continuous expansion of market demand, best phone controlled vibratorthe adult products industry has developed rapidly in recent years. It can be said that the sex toys on the market now are very rich. Function from the previous single vibration or expansion, to the current multi-functional integration. The appearance of the product is more colorful, whether it is color or product shape. In the face of dazzling products, how should we choose the one that suits us?

First of all if you are an entry-level player. best phone controlled vibratorFor women who do not have their own contact with toy companies or have less social experience, it is suggested that students can start from the toy company of external stimulation, that is, a kind of Chinese toy for Yin (honey bean) Ti happiness. Things like AV sticks, suckers, and mini cute little bouncing eggs are great choices. Like Canada palmpower, this mini AV bar is very suitable for a novice party, the child has the size of lipstick, multiple vibration frequencies, strong and weak, and it is silent, and it is also paired with a silicone storage bag, which is convenient for users to collect and carry. It is not only developed when women DIY can be used, but also can be directly used in their apricot love, with jumping eggs to stimulate the impact of women's honey beans, can provide help to improve women's easier to learn to get pleasure.

And advanced toys, vibrators. best phone controlled vibratorIf you want to try immersive toys, explore toys or experience the G-spot frenzy, with so many options, it's generally recommended to start small. Our G spot is about 3-5 cm from our V, which is the second knuckle of our index finger, so choosing a stick doesn't need to be that long. There are many vibrators dedicated to the G-spot. Recommended pillow talk's fun mini G-spot bar, which curves just enough to stimulate the G-spot, has a separate handle and body part, and wants to explore the G-spot, which is enough.

For intermediate players, best phone controlled vibratortry more fun and functional toys. For example, toys that stimulate in vivo and in vitro at the same time, vibration rotation, or multi-functional toys such as vibration expansion and vibration absorption, or products that shock men and women together, and intelligent products that can be remotely controlled and worn outside, and so on. For example, the swan's wear second tide, a suck a shake, wireless remote control, you can stimulate C and g points at the same time, there are a lot of gameplay.

If you are an advanced player, best phone controlled vibratorthen you can choose some of the sizes and more exciting toys. For example, gun machinery, most of the machinery on the market is that kind of machinery, some simple and rough, less people can accept it, and it is not recommended personally. If you want to experience the thrill of a gunship, Swan's wand is a bit bulky and suitable for mature women or experienced pilots. It has the force of a cannon that can fire 2,100 rounds per minute! You can use it hand-held, you can use the base, it's so much cuter than a big gun.

Of course, in addition to the above, if you can accept it, best phone controlled vibratoryou can also try some things that cause pain to feel happy, such as leather rope tied props, backyard exploration of sex toys and so on.

The above products can be recommended in the offline development of high-end physical stores, as well as through the major online e-commerce platform enterprises can buy, they in JD/TB like we have flagship stores. As a private toy, can not be sloppy, to use China or have to choose the quality of life pass the product.

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