To "husband and wife life" harmony, learn 7 small "secret"

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Sex life is the bond of the couple's relationship, is to maintain family harmony. But now many young couples are busy at work, but also burdened with mortgages and car loans, often ignoring the quality of sexual life and feelings, and even only one or two times a month sex life,best app controlled sex toy over time, it reduces a man's sexuality, which may lead to the breakup of the family.

What should you do if you want to have a harmonious married life?

1 Keep the sexual initiative

A part of the male did not carry out the correct thought cognitive erection delay and non-ejaculation, the lack of sex with a certain confidence, or often can not because of sex and fear of anxiety, so they prematurely reduce the sex life,best app controlled sex toy the results can make the sexual organs and gonads atrophy retreat. Men only we keep the development of regular moderate sex life can effectively maintain sexual ability, harmony and unity of regular sex life can make their spirit to get a pleasure, but also can maintain the male sexual ability.

2 Mutual respect and understanding

High-quality sex can make the feelings between husband and wife sublimation, as long as the husband and wife mutual respect and understanding,best app controlled sex toy can make sex life more happy and harmonious. If there are always small things and quarrels, there is no affection between husband and wife, and the quality of sex life is bound to deteriorate.

3 adjust the rhythm of sex life

The rhythm of the couple's sex needs to be consistent in order to harmonize and synchronize the process of enjoying sex, so that the sexual response is enthusiastic and orgasm is obtained, and the couple can obtain satisfactory app controlled sex toy Men can not only pursue their own pleasure and ignore each other's feelings.

4 frank communication

Communication before sexual behavior is very important. It is about the harmony and quality of sex app controlled sex toy Try not to say things that you shouldn't say about your sex life, let alone things that will ruin your mood. Men and women communicate more and enjoy sex.

5 You can't have sex with emotions

Excessive irritability and depression will affect the normal conduct of sex, both men and women can not concentrate, it will reduce sexual pleasure, and even cause impotence and premature ejaculation. Before sex, you have to put aside all concerns, devote yourself to sex and fully enjoy every moment.

6 excessive produce fatigue when can't guide cohabitation

Do not make love after staying up late or hard physical labor, because at this time the mental and physical strength is not good, forced sex will affect the sexual function, aggravate the fatigue, is not conducive to the recovery of the body and energy, and even lead to sexual frigidity, the most terrible part is the aversion to sex.

7 appropriate sexual fantasy

Most men have sexual fantasies when having sex. Appropriate sexual fantasies can give certain sexual stimulation, enhance the secretion of androgen, and at the same time improve their sensitivity to sex. Men who have been married for many years will lose their previous passion and exuberant sexual desire, and their sexual ability will gradually decline. Appropriate sexual fantasies are needed to improve the quality of their sex life. The use of sexual fantasy can achieve the purpose of self-stimulation, and can improve sexual ability and bring some freshness to sexual behavior.

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