How does an enterprise choose a SAP implementer?


Informatization is an inevitable trend in enterprise development. As the leader of ERP software, SAP plays an important role in the process of enterprises promoting informatization construction. Currently, 86% of the top 500 companies are using the SAP ERP system,ERP Migration but SAP project implementation is usually provided by SAP's officially authorized implementation partners.

Enterprise SAP implementation is by no means a simple financial system upgrade, but a major change for the enterprise. Enterprise SAP implementation involves people (end users and IT experts), processes (business, technology and project management), technology (technology adoption and how to Encourage business innovation), funding (budget realities, ROI considerations and TCO goals).Waste Charging Solution Focusing on just one or a small part of it will lead to implementation failure. Choosing a good SAP implementation team can assist the company in implementing best practices and correct or avoid problems that the company may encounter. As the saying goes “30% software, 70% implementation”, we can see the importance of choosing an SAP implementation provider.

How does an enterprise choose a SAP implementer?

1. Whether you have official SAP certification.

When enterprises select SAP implementers, they should check whether the implementers have official SAP certification certificates and verify whether they have professional technical capabilities and subsequent maintenance and research and development s4hana cloud SAP's partners are divided into platinum, gold, silver and bronze levels. When selecting, enterprises can learn about suitable implementers on the SAP official website and confirm whether they have official certification certificates.

2. Whether it has a professional service team.

SAP implementation requires a professional technical team. When an enterprise selects an implementation provider, it can be measured based on whether it has a SAP consultant certification certificate. Having a professional implementation team can ensure that the enterprise's project progresses smoothly.

3. Whether there are successful cases and experiences in the industry.

Enterprises can understand the implementation provider's localization service situation and whether it has SAP-certified industry solutions to select, and understand whether the implementer has successful cases and experience in its industry, so as to judge the implementation provider's business capabilities.

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