Laser engraving machine use precautions

rapidly polluted

1. The laser tube installation pivot point should be reasonable. The pivot point should be 1/4 of the total length of the laser tube. otherwise, the spot pattern of the laser tube will deteriorate. Some working spots will become several spots in a period of time, resulting in a decrease in laser power to meet the requirements. Therefore, the tube needs to be replaced frequently.

2. The suction unit should be inspected and cleaned regularly to clean the fan tube.handheld laser marking machine Otherwise, a large amount of soot will be produced that cannot be discharged, and the lens and laser tube will be seriously and rapidly polluted, making the mechanical and electronic components easy to oxidize and have poor contact.

3. The cooling system should be grounded, and the water tank and water circuit should be cleaned frequently. The temperature control point of the cooling temperature control tank should be reasonable. Otherwise, the laser tube is easy to damage, dew condensation power drop, cold head off, shorten the service life, sometimes can not work. Therefore, the tube needs to be replaced constantly.

4. Focusing mirror and focusing mirror are checked regularly.little pecker laser engraver When the rack works for a period of time, the rack is heated, the surface of the lens is discolored and rusty, and the film is broken. It is the object to be replaced. Especially for many users, large air pumps and air compressors are often used for focusing. There will be water on the lens, so it is necessary to check the cleanliness and quality of the lens path system in time.

5. The base plate and the material to be processed should be flat. Otherwise, the focus will be inconsistent. There are some areas that cannot be worn. This will increase the intensity of light and lead to rapid aging of the laser tube.

6. The power of the grid should be matched. The power distribution and contact points of each part of the whole machine should be good (fan, chiller, laser machine, laser power supply, computer should be powered independently).

7. When using auto-focus, be aware that the auto-focus bar must be tightened, otherwise the work surface will be pushed to the laser head.

8. Do not open the cover while the laser engraver is working.

9. open the smoke extraction device to blow smoke during processing.

10. When processing wood and paper, always pay attention to the processing speed to avoid causing fire.

11. When performing irregular processing, initial user performs red light positioning.

12. When processing thin boards and friable materials, adjust the width of water to a small size of 1mm.

13. When cutting, use a workpiece holder 2 cm or more from the table.

14. To clean the reflector lens and focal length lens: Hold the reflector lens with two fingers. Clean the lens with camera lens cleaning paper with the other hand.

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