What can we do if we don't want the folders on the computer to be visible to others? How to hide computer folders?

This is the way to hide computer files and folders.

Computer is our most important tool. We use it every day. Sometimes, some important files don't want to be seen by others, this time you can use the method of hiding folders,investintech free online pdf to word converter hiding folders is really a good method. The method is as follows.

First of all, find the folder or file that needs to be encrypted on your computer, click the right mouse button, and select Properties in the open menu. On the open menu, check "Hide" on the properties, and then click "OK". In the pop-up menu, select "Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files", and then click "OK". You will find that the files have been hidden and you can't find them anymore. Doesn't that feel amazing? If necessary, open a folder on your computer and give it a try.

Here's how to unhide: Double-click on the desktop to open Computer, click Organize, and then click Folder and Search Options in the drop-down menu. On the Open Folder Options menu, select Show hidden files, folders and drives. Just click Apply or OK at the end. This time you will find the hidden folders and files showing again.

These are computer tips on how to hide computer folders and files. Learn this trick to hide important files on your computer from others.

However, this research method can just hide the important files on your computer. To get to ensure the security of data files, it is best to analyze and encrypt the file system. A future article will talk about how businesses can perform an encryption on computer files and folders.

This is the way to hide computer files and folders.

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