What does a factory intelligent system contain?

What does a factory intelligent system contain?

What does a factory intelligent system contain? With the arrival of the industrial Internet and 5G, traditional manufacturing companies are promoting the combination of information technology such as Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and modern industrial manufacturing to achieve industrial upgrading and transformation to further improve production efficiency. What about?

Factory intelligent system contains.

1、Data collection and management

The production process requires timely collection of raw materials, energy consumption, equipment status, production links and other data through the cloud platform to visualize the collection of data presented to achieve the production process traceability and management.

2、Realization of equipment networking

This is an important basis for the construction of the Internet of Things, the use of communication methods, communication protocols and interfaces, etc. can achieve multi-device compatibility and support remote monitoring.

3、Intelligent logistics

A standard intelligent factory should reduce the invalid material handling, most enterprises currently through the construction of a similar centralized through three-dimensional warehouse and roller conveyor system in the workshop to solve the invalid raw material logistics transportation.

4、Integrated management system

The integration of the entire lighting system, video intelligent monitoring system, ventilation and air conditioning system, intelligent anti-alarm system, intelligent access control system, intelligent fire alarm system, intelligent robot management system, etc. of the intelligent factory with cloud computing, big data processing technology through the cloud platform to achieve visualization and simulation out to determine equipment abnormalities or video abnormalities to achieve efficient intelligent systematic management and operation.

5、Application of intelligent industrial robots

The intelligent factory can realize the control of industrial robots through the cloud platform to realize intelligent unmanned workshop, and greatly improve the material utilization rate through the cooperation of various industrial robots.

6、Application of intelligent AI

Based on the technology of 5G+AI, the surface quality inspection, intelligent monitoring of safe production, remote control of overhead crane, asset material management and product tracking and tracing effectively and significantly improve the overall production process product yield rate and ensure production safety and efficiency.

The above is about the factory intelligent system contains some basic content. For more than twenty years, NivSoft has focused on the development and promotion of home management software, management consulting, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent marketing, providing comprehensive and mature solutions for the information management of home enterprises.

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