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Egg Carton Stickers, Self-Adhesive, 1.5-inch Round, 1000 Pieces Farm Fresh Eggs Carton Labels Packaging Stickers Chicken Quail Duck Egg, White Egg Carton Labeling

Price: $13.99

plenty: You'll get a single roll of 1000 egg carton stickers, mostly in white, which should be plenty to give the cartons a lovely finishing touch and easily satisfy your needs for replacement and everyday use.

Warming Text: Printed with the words "farm fresh eggs," "these eggs are unwashed and need to be washed before consuming," the kitchen egg carton labels for packaging can serve as a helpful reminder to your guests to wash eggs before using them.

The humorous and colorful designs of hens and eggs also add a polished touch to the cartons.

Reliability: Farm fresh egg carton labels are composed of self-adhesive material that is simple to apply, adhere, and peel off.

You can use them to attach labels to a variety of surfaces, including cartons, boxes, cardboard, glass, and paper.

The right size for egg packaging stickers is around 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) in diameter.

This allows them to be used for packaging chicken, quail, or duck eggs.

They also make attractive and practical stickers for farmer markets and retail establishments.

Widespread Use: Farm fresh eggs stickers can be used to inform buyers that the eggs are fresh for farmer's market packing, farm fresh vegetables, supermarket stores, and egg carton labeling.

Labels with round farm fresh egg care stickers and 2.12-inch instructions for handling eggs Farmers Market Package with Egg Carton Collection Date Stickers.(256 pieces)

Price: $8.29
soap stamp custom

Fresh farm eggs handling instructions stickers come in a total of 256 pieces and are measured at 2.12 inches.

Instructions for Handling Eggs Customers will find it visually appealing to read the information on the labels, which are printed in white and yellow, and will help them handle the egg properly.

Customers will be able to tell how fresh the eggs are and how to carry and store them with the help of round egg collection date stickers.

You enhance your customers' experience and satisfaction in addition to guaranteeing the eggs' longevity.

Labels for color coding that are self-adhesive are simple to peel and adhere.

It provides superior adherence to surfaces such as books, walls, and floors.

EXCELLENT CLIENT SUPPORT: Please contact customer service with any questions you may have about orders or products, and we'll do everything we can to help.

Stickers with Fresh Farm Chicken Eggs Carton labels for 2 inch fresh eggs Farmer's Market Sticker Produce Egg Carton Labeling 500 Pieces for Farm Fresh Produce Egg Company

Price: $9.09

The farm fresh egg sticker is 2 inches, making it a great fit for the majority of egg box sizes.

Sufficient amount to fulfill your farm's packaging needs for eggs.

Design for practicality: The Farmers' Market packaging sticker features a white background, cozy text, and a well-thought-out layout.

Our egg carton labels are printed with months and numbers, so you can indicate the birthdate of your farm's fresh eggs by writing the correct months and numbers on them with a marker pen.

They have excellent stickiness, are easy to peel off, and are constructed of high-quality materials using advanced technology.

Adheres to any clean surface, including cardboard, glass, paper, pallets, boxes, and corrugated containers.

Broadly applicable: egg date labels are great for indicating to consumers or friends that your eggs are fresh.

They work well for packaging fresh farm items, eggs, farmers' markets, supermarket stores, and other similar establishments.

QUAILTY ASSURANCE: We are so confident that you will adore them that we invite you to contact us with any questions.

Your happiness is our first priority at all times.

Farm Fresh Eggs, 600 Pieces Egg Carton Stickers & Labels Two-inch circular labels for caring for farm-fresh eggs Handling Eggs Stickers Self-sticking Egg Packing Labels for Chicken Eggs

Price: $9.99

A roll of 600 egg stickers, featuring a classic white and yellow design, is what you will receive as part of the value package.

They are simple and convenient to use.

A sufficient amount can satisfy your needs for replacement and daily use.

The egg carton stickers are simple to apply and difficult to remove.

It is simple and convenient to apply fresh egg labels to farm fresh egg cartons by simply sticking them on.

【High-quality materials】The egg carton labels are composed of high-quality paper that adheres well; the self-adhesive seals are difficult to rip under normal use; They are long-lasting, have vibrant colors, and a clear printing effect.

【Uses and Pragmatics】The customer will be able to carry and store their fresh eggs correctly with the help of these stickers that indicate when the egg was collected from the farm.

You make sure the eggs last a long time.

【Universally Applicable】These egg farmers market stickers are appropriate and practical; you can apply them to eggs to demonstrate their freshness.

They work well in farms, markets, supermarkets, restaurants, and other establishments.

1000 Pcs 2 Inch Egg Carton Stickers Farm Fresh Eggs Stickers Round Egg Carton Labels Fresh Chicken Stickers Self Adhesive Egg Carton Stamp for Chicken Cartons

Price: $12.99

【Sufficient Quantity】You will receive 1000pcs egg carton stickers, the huge quantity can easily meeting your daily using and replacing requests.

And the size of farm fresh eggs stickers are 2 inch, great size, and may provide a nice touch to the egg cartons.

【Easy to Paste and pull】The egg carton labels are adopt self adhesive design, which are easy to paste and pull off.

You can apply them to cartons, boxes, cardboard and most smooth surfaces.

You can be peeled off directly when not needed.

【Printed with Warm Reminder】Each fresh egg stickers are printed with the letters of "FARM FRESH EGGS" and "These eggs are unwashed and need to be washed before consuming".

It's perfect for reminding your guests or buyers to wash eggs before using.

【High Quality Material】 The fresh egg stickers are made of premium paper material and have clear printing, legible and durable.

The self adhesive egg cartons labels can survive various environmental conditions, even in cold situations are not easy to break or fade.

【Wides Application】Our chicken egg stickers for cartons may provide a professional and polished aspect to your product.

Perfect for farmer market, retail store or household to using in chicken, quail, duck's egg packing.

Stickers for 2 inch egg cartons, 500 pieces per pack of farm fresh egg carton labels, circular self-adhesive egg carton packaging stickers for chicken, duck, and quail eggs

Price: $15.99

【What's in the package】: Two rolls of 500 stickers each of fresh egg sticker rolls, each with a diameter of two inches, provide ample number for both daily use and replacement needs.

【Utilitarian and Handsome】The egg carton stamps are composed of PVC, which sticks well and doesn't come off easy.

Attaching the labels to the desired items is a simple process.

They are highly practical and convenient; just tear them off when you don't need them and don't worry about the traces.

Egg carton stickers feature a smooth surface and a clear pattern, making them easy to write on.

You can put any information you want, including the storage date and conditions, making them perfect for egg marking and differentiation.

Farm fresh egg stickers can be widely utilized for a variety of purposes, including home use, gift-giving, farmers markets, ranches, and egg retailer stores.

They are also ideal for use on egg carton packaging.

【Quality Promise】Please get in touch with us if you have any concerns or issues regarding our egg carton labels.

We promise to give you a thorough resolution and a reimbursement in a day.

Top label Farm Fresh Eggs Stickers,2 Inch Farm Fresh Eggs Handling Instructions Stickers, Egg Carton Labels,500 Pcs

Price: $9.99


Perfect for farm,farmer market,retail business.




Easy to use,just peel and stick on,suitable for practically level surface.

Such as egg cartons.


Each stickers measure 2 inch,500 pcs.


If you have any queries regarding our products, please contact us!

We will answer within 24 hours.

AnyDesign 500 Pcs Farm Fresh Eggs Stickers 2 Inch Round Farm Chicken Egg Labels Natural Brown Kraft Unwashed Egg Cartoon Label Decal for Business Farm Fresh Produce Egg Cartoon Labeling

Price: $9.99

THE PACKAGE INCLUDES: You will receive a roll of fresh eggs stickers in simple design, a suitable amount of 500 is available for you to use wherever you like.

RUSTIC DESIGN: The kraft egg stickers are made with minimalist style, patterns of black chicken and eggs, natural and rustic, in addition, each stickers are printed with “ PLEASE WASH FIRST” to remind your buyers to wash them before use.

PREMIUM MATERIAL: Farm fresh eggs cartoon labels are constructed of strong adhesive glue and good-quality kraft paper, simple to stick on and tear off without any residue on surfaces.

SUITABLE SIZE: Each chicken eggs sticker is around 5 x 5cm/2 x 2inch in diameter, simple patterns and clear reminder are on it, which may let your guests know that eggs are fresh.

WIDELY USE: These stickers are perfect for farm fresh produce, poultry cartoons, farmer’s market packing, egg cartoon labeling or grocery shop.

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