How to innovate hotel services and create a good way to personalize hotel services

How to innovate hotel services and create a good way to personalize hotel services

How to innovate hotel services and create a good way to personalize hotel services

What is service innovation? Focus on hotels, restaurants, outcall massage hong kong foot bath intelligent solutions cloud Shangkech technology believes that service innovation refers to the improvement of new service quality and personalized service, rather than just looking at the two words of innovation. Probably a lot of people would say. Isn't innovation about bringing new things out of the old? Yes, it's about innovation, but it's not about innovation. Because in our actual work, we still need systems and processes to perform our service work. The innovation we are talking about now is actually adding personalization to the service.

Enable everyone to master the general service standards on the basis of creating their own unique service model, to form their own special image in the minds of guests. For 14 years, Yunshang Guest has focused on intelligent operation solutions for hotels, restaurants and foot massage. Here are some of the hotel's ways to personalize service. outcall massage services 1, at any time according to the situation of the guests in advance service, predict the next needs of the guests, and take service actions before the guests request. Such as: the flexibility of opening wine, the flexibility of sending fruit, the flexibility of arranging luggage for guests and so on.

Serving guests with a smile can change at any time. The manager must provide timely service to the changing needs of the guest without blaming the guest. For example: the room due to the direction, facilities, safety, noise and other reasons to change the room staff in any work area of the hotel to face the guest, should take the initiative to politely greet; When the guest puts forward the service request, it must answer politely and make clear the specific requirements of the guest: when the guest asks for simple and clear, give the guest a positive answer and prepare to meet the guest's requirements; When the guest's requirements are complicated and vague, the guest's requirements should be repeated politely, and if necessary, patiently communicate with the guest to understand the situation and finally determine the guest's needs.

Emotional education services and guests are friends of the hotel, there are feelings between friends development, service companies can not only be students to complete the information technology operation, but must be for guests to create a good mood and work hard to establish a good emotional life relationship, really turn customers into friends of our hotel. For example, when Ms. Sun, a listed real estate company, took her daughter to a western Chinese restaurant again, she suddenly found that the "almond bread" that her daughter loves to eat was placed on the table, which surprised them. It turned out that a month or two ago, when they both came here for the first time to eat the main meal, the daughter wanted to eat almond bread, but there was no work in the western restaurant. The careful waiter Han so-and-so remembered this matter, and when they passed the second visit, they promptly notified the pastry chef to bake, and the mother and daughter came with excitement and returned with satisfaction. Let the hotel service system jump out of the traditional and rigid routine and the general smile teaching service level, leap into a higher level of humanization, emotion, consciousness, can be said to be the soul of the hotel culture.

Personalized service Actively communicate with guests in the service and provide personalized service for each guest, that is, service innovation. For example: knowing that a guest has a stomach problem, the waiter will send a cup of hot milk; A bowl of hot ginger soup is served when a guest catches a cold. Establish a "hospitality oriented" service concept, to provide each guest with the most direct and efficient service; .

No employee may, under any pretext, directly say "no" to a guest's request, refuse to assist the guest, or direct the guest to another department or individual. All staff must make every effort to meet the reasonable needs of guests and are not allowed to refuse guests; When dealing with guest requests, we should aim to meet the final needs of the guests.

Staff can complete the work independently, should be the first time to deal with the customer's request to meet the needs of guests; When a guest's needs exceed their authority or hotel services, they must immediately report them to their superiors and receive instructions. The employee who is asked first by the guest is responsible for the inquiry from the guest to the last. Other staff must cooperate with guests in meeting their needs. If a guest's needs are not met due to the non-cooperation of other employees or the complaint of an employee, the employee shall be responsible for the non-cooperation and the key employee shall be responsible for it.

Guests are friends of the hotel, and there is affection between friends. Service can not only complete the technical operation, must strive to create a good mood for guests, establish a good emotional relationship, and truly turn customers into friends of the hotel. For example, the service of the hotel has jumped out of the rigid routine, and the broad smile service has risen to a higher level of humanization, emotion and consciousness, which can be described as the soul of the hotel.

The development of the data age has learned that who can manage their own data through the application of the hotel will have the upper hand in this information age and stand out. Because, you not only can we effectively improve work efficiency, save resources and service enterprise costs, but also can do "personalized service resounding"! Achieve a constant surge in guest return rates.

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