Adult Products Sales Data: Most Consumers Are Women, Why?

Adult Products

In recent years, affected by the epidemic, many industries have also been hit hard.wireless vibrating egg The business situation of many brick-and-mortar stores is not optimistic, and many of them are facing closure, especially in the restaurant industry. With the invasion of the epidemic, many restaurants are facing a significant decline in customer traffic that was closed in the past, so many people are complaining that it is more and more difficult to make money in the past few years.

However, in the living environment, there is a business industry development is relatively lucrative, although during the epidemic also suffered a considerable impact, but once we get the epidemic has a significant control system after the sales are relatively considerable, is through the adult learning products company sales service industry, in the concept of many people for the sexual aspect of things, very exclusionary, so whenever people talk about These social issues,wireless vibrating egg will feel that it is very shameful, but due to the recent years by the world's advanced cultural thinking, people's thinking and innovative behavior have also become more open. Especially now the sales of adult products become higher and higher, adult products market sales information data: consumers most countries are some women, why?

According to the understanding of the sales volume of adult products on various trading platforms, the sales volume of adult products is very high on many trading platforms. After all, it is easy to buy things online. According to the knowledge of Jingdong Health, 70% of Jingdong Health's revenue comes from non-drug products, which includes family planning products to a large extent, which means that we have a high sales volume in adult products.

In fact, on many platforms, the sales of adult products are very good, and once you enter the homepage of the platform, you will also see the promotion of adult products.wireless vibrating egg Due to China's large population, the use of adult products is very high, especially the use of condoms. The number of products produced in China has now reached 4.7 billion, and many industries are now focusing on the family planning products industry in the process of development. This is mainly because it is used in many people's lives. So many online pharmacies sell many adult products. After all, many young people are now more and more open-minded.

It is understood that there are a variety of erotic products stores on many platforms, and the sales volume is also very considerable, but we found that in many stores, the vast majority of orders are initiated by women, and in most people's concepts, women are more introverted and shy, but why is the value of many women's contribution to our adult products so great now? This is of course due to the influence of western thinking and the spread of sexual knowledge, more and more women are emphasizing the protection of this area.

Nowadays,wireless vibrating egg many pharmacies have also joined the industry of selling adult products. Apart from selling medicine, they also sell adult products. Not only that, many stores have shelves next to the cash register that specialize in selling adult products. Many companies that have entered the adult products industry are now making a fortune, but an industry that everyone is very shy about has become a very lucrative industry at the moment.

Why do we now have such high sales of adult school supplies? First of all, mainly because the Chinese people's thinking gradually liberalized, for students in this regard to accommodate different degrees also become more and more wide, so a lot of researchers in China in the management of adult lifestyle products are also relatively large amount of use, and secondly there is now online shopping is very convenient, people do not have to go down to the line on the direct impact of the ability to buy adult products online,wireless vibrating egg and available to choose the style is also very A lot of online stores will think that through some private shipping way to send the product to the hands of consumers, so teachers if they are not for their own open, also will not be because someone knows what is purchased inside.

In addition, many women now have a greater sense of self-preservation. In the previous society, women were subordinate to men, so many women had a very low status and were unable to make their own choices in this regard, in addition, many women were shy and introverted, so in the past, the concept of adult products wasn't very deep, but as the times continue to evolve, and people continue to be open minded,wireless vibrating egg more and more people are coming to terms with their own desires, and that's why the sale of adult products is are booming and many women have become the main consumers of adult products.

Many diseases in our country are sexually transmitted. Paying attention to the use of adult products can also prevent diseases to a certain extent, so there is currently a lot of room for development in the adult products industry in China. How much do you know about this industry?

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