A few reasons why you should not buy a floor sweeper

A few reasons why you should not buy a floor sweeper

Myths regarding sweeping robots and what works best in the house.

Sweeping robots, regardless of brand, are rarely clean, and it's hard to entirely free your hands, but they can free one hand, and it's better to buy one that costs more than $1,000, with the best performance being approximately $2,000. A sweeping robot, on the other hand, isn't so much a "IQ tax" as it is for the 996 workers who don't want to move when we're busy working overtime or lying dead.

Sweepers used to be a bit of a "guinea pig," but today they're actually terrific value for money when purchased with a purpose. Users who would benefit from a floor sweeper.

Expectations are low: A sweeper is a good choice for best cordless handheld vacuum for pet hairkeeping things clean; if you have a lot of dusty areas or a concentration of dead spots, a rubber mop or handheld hoover is better. This means that a sweeper is better suited to being the frosting on the cake, contributing to the maintenance of a clean floor, rather than cleaning it thoroughly from 0 to 1.

Open family environment: The house has standard levels and a huge area [see image].

Furthermore, the furniture has a high leg design.

It is difficult for the robot to work successfully in households with children, especially if there is a lot of debris and rubbish on the floor.

3. Floor material: If the floor is made of tile or wood, all you need to do is choose a robot with a power of roughly 1000 watts to make cleaning easier. Sweeping robots are not ideal for common concrete floors or other non-smooth materials.

4.Obstacle avoidance ability: the capacity to avoid obstacles is not strong, "obstacle avoidance" as the name implies is the robot's reaction to home impediments, is a very significant parameter of the floor robot. If it lacks obstacle avoidance, it will frequently become stuck, and every day it will be "rescuing the robot," adding to its woes. Most obstacles can be overcome using structured light obstacle avoidance, which is currently the best obstacle avoidance technology.

The physical characteristics of a sweeper that must avoid potholes

The first is the suction power: suction power is the threshold, buying a sweeper below 1000pa is equivalent to buying a vase at home, today the most effective suction power is often in the 5000pa, in suction power this item will not worry. Of course, if funds are tight, 2500pa is also an option.

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