Key points to consider when testing the "payment gateway" process

payment gateway

We all take online shopping for granted, but did you know that behind every saas payment gatewaye-commerce website is a payment gateway system that approves online purchases via credit/debit cards or online banking?

A payment gateway is an e-commerce service that encrypts payment information, authorizes payments, and secures information transmission between buyers and merchants.

A transaction is considered successful when the payment gateway processes the payment and efficiently completes the order. There are several ways to check if your payment gateway is operational. Payment gateway testing is one of these methods.

Payment gateway testing, on the other hand, necessitates extensive and rigorous planning and effort, as it involves testing various aspects of security, web service connectivity, authorization, and data encryption.

Starting with these five key points, we need to execute test cases in a more comprehensive and well-planned manner.

The first thing to consider when testing the payment gateway is functionality. Never forget to test the following aspects when documenting and executing payment gateway functional tests.

Is it a complete list of payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, online banking, and cash cards?

Does it correctly calculate and apply region-specific fees and taxes?

Does it send email transaction alerts to buyers and merchants?

Is the language and currency format changed based on the user's request?

Is it necessary to allow enough time between the payment and confirmation pages before returning the user to the application?

Is the correct error message displayed when a transaction fails or is incomplete?

The next obvious consideration is the payment gateway's integration with various credit card and banking services. This primarily includes web services that connect to various bank servers and thus includes the following points.

Is it linked to the correct bank/financial service?

Is it requesting and responding to the correct data from the bank servers?

Does it use the correct currency format when communicating with the bank server?

Is the entire process completed on time and correctly?


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