Here are five reasons to drink whiskey every day

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Did you know?

In wartime, theWhiskey was used as a germicide,

In the days when drugs could not be delivered whisky hong kongeffectively to the battlefield.Whiskey played a number of important roles for students.

During the 1920s

Prohibition was introduced in the United States.

but because whiskey was considered a medicine.

At the same time, therefore, whiskey could still be shipped to the United States for sale.If alcohol was consumed in moderation, the

prolonging life is a breeze.Woman celebrates 106th birthday, says she needs a glass of whiskey a day (click to start)

So what are the health benefits of the "water of life" whiskey?

1. Whiskey fights cancer

"Whiskey, like red wine, is high in antioxidants," Jim Swan, an industry consultant known as "Whiskey Einstein," said at a medical conference in 2005. Compared to red wine, whiskey contains more ellagic acid (the same ingredient as red wine), which helps the body absorb rogue cells. However, it should be noted that ellagic acid is also easily found in fruits.

2. Whiskey reduces the risk of dementia.

A study released by the National Safety and Health Service in 2003 showed that adults who could drink between one and six small glasses of alcohol a week developed a lower chance of developing severe dementia compared to non-drinkers or heavy drinkers.

Whiskey may reduce the risk of heart disease

Studies in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Harvard University and the European Heart Journal all came to the same conclusion: moderate levels of alcohol - seven small drinks a week - can help reduce the risk of heart disease. In an interesting experiment published in a European journal, they measured the antioxidant levels of nine men while drinking red wine, mature single malts and "new wine" (freshly distilled spirits). It was later found that single malt maximized the amount of concentrated antioxidants.

4. Whiskey does not contain fat, carbohydrates and sugar.

Want to be able to lose weight by drinking alcohol at the same time? Want a drinking culture that matches your diet more perfectly? Whiskey contains absolutely no fat and no carbohydrates or sugar whatsoever. This makes whiskey an alcohol that students need to drink for Chinese diabetics. When consumed in moderation it only develops to cause changes in higher levels of glucose concentration. Harvard analyzed the results of the study and showed that moderate drinking can greatly reduce the chances of developing type 2 diabetes for ourselves. Whiskey also does not contain gluten due to the traditional distillation process. When you sip a heavily sweetened whiskey, most of our sweetness actually comes from the other oils and compounds in the whiskey, not from the sugar. If the whisky uses caramel coloring (only used in some minority high-end products single malt whisky), then the information added sugar is also insignificant.

5.whisky is good for cold

For a long time, Scotland has been using whisky to ward off the cold (even in cold weather). Everyone should know about hot palm wine - add hot water, lemon and honey (or spices if you prefer) to whisky. The reason, according to Dr. William Schaffner, chairman of preventive medicine, is that alcohol dilates blood vessels, allowing mucous membranes to better cope with infectious diseases.

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