how do you choose them without making a mistake? Take a look at these three key points.

how do you choose them without making a mistake? Take a look at these three key points.

01 Color selection

Solid-color curtains are easier to coordinate with than floral-patterned curtains. In terms of color, match the overall style of the space, or choose a large area of the main color, with appropriate use of small furniture for local accents to make the space look more simple and uniform.

The contrast between white and grey curtains is striking. The white veil softens the intensity of the sunlight and allows it to sway in theblind curtain breeze, whereas the grey curtains effectively block out light and add a sense of calm, restrained elegance.

Colour blocking curtains can be found all over the world, where they are done with different color blocking, either as a gradient or as left and right curtains with different colors. Color blocking curtains, on the other hand, have a certain difficulty factor, and great attention is paid to the overall match.

02 Fabric Selection

Curtain colors influence the style of a home space, whereas curtain fabrics represent the overall aesthetics of the space; therefore, what are the benefits and drawbacks of curtain fabrics? Let us investigate!

Cotton fabrics are comfortable and soft, providing a warm and delicate feel, moisture absorption, and breathability; however, they are easily deformed, fade, and are easily damaged when exposed to sunlight.

Polyester fabrics are the most popular curtain fabric because they are smooth and wrinkle-resistant, resistant to corrosion and abrasion, and very breathable in the sun, but they are poor wickers and prone to static electricity.

Because the light in the living room is not too strong during the day, curtains made of thick cotton linen or polyester with good light-blocking and heat-insulating properties are recommended. The color can match the color of the sofa or the wall, increasing the proportion of the main color and distinguishing the main and secondary points.

If you want a brighter balcony near the living room, choose light-colored curtains or thin fabrics with good light transmission; fabricsroller blind with cut-outs are also a good choice.

Bedroom curtains primarily consider the effect of sound insulation and light blocking. If your sleep quality is poor, it is recommended that you choose cotton and linen type thicker curtains, which have a good sound insulation and light blocking effect and are easy to clean and care for.

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Blinds: Are they superior to curtains?

After looking at both curtains and blinds and how they can aid in insulating energy in the house or particular rooms, I can say that they are both effective. From here, deciding whether to install blinds or curtains in your home and figuring out how to make them as cozy as possible is just a matter of preference.

What are the advantage of blind curtain ?

Advantage of blind with curtain

You will receive flexible light control by in talling window treatment blind . Hanging curtain over blind will increa e the level of in ulation your home will receive during the winter period . Blind and curtain together al o improve your level of privacy.

Could someone pass through a roller blind?

No, nothing would be visible to those outside of it, not even the movement closest to the window or the form and contour of an object. However, if you have a reasonably strong light nearby, they should be able to see a diffuse glow of light.

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