Learn these phrases and you will no longer have to worry about your children's clothing.

 of the mantra it.

Children's clothing store owners are not collocationists, as evidenced Kids21by their store display collocation, which is almost non-existent. Many customers' friends also expressed their dissatisfaction: "Many old customers are next door to steal away because they can't match. What should I do, and what is a quick recipe to match? Now that the customers are more like groups, failing to match the store is a real loss, so what is a good way to share?" Children's clothing with the friends of the children's clothing store is extremely important, so today we'll share some simple operations that are also very practical with some of the mantra it.

First of all, let's share the overall collocation of children's best wet and dry vacuum cleaner for carclothing with the mnemonic. Children's clothing with the first secret: white is the best complement; children's clothing with the second secret: there are lovely embellished patterns; children's clothing with the third secret: choose a patterned fabric; this time, we should pay attention to patterned tops do not match the same patterned shirts and ties and stripes, or patterned tops must match plain pants. The fourth tip for children's clothing is to use the same color in different shades. When wearing two sets of clothes, the color should be the same or contrasting, with more taste, and pay attention to the color of the shoes to coordinate with the color of the clothes. These four points should be remembered without error, but if you want to be colorful, you should learn some more specific matching skills to do.

To provide the child with appropriate children's clothing, the sake coursefirst thing to do is to make a judgment based on the child's body type and skin color, while focusing on the color of children's clothing and children's skin color, but also paying attention to the child's body type and children's clothing color match. If the child has a fat body type, we should choose cold or dark clothing, such as gray, black, blue, and other cold or dark clothes, because this wears a contraction effect, which can compensate for the proportionality of this child's body; if the child is relatively thin, we can give her a choice of some warm clothes, such as green, beige, coffee, and so on, which can give people a warm feeling! If there are more fat little children, do not allow them to wear more exposed clothing, but you can choose collarless or round-necked clothing, whereas thin little children should wear a high collar.

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